Eileen O'Connor(non-registered)
Soooooo good! I LOVE your work.....
Elliot Horowitz(non-registered)
When you mentioned you like to do photography , I never imagined it would be that good.
I really enjoyed seeing them.
Good luck
Elliot Horowitz
Hi there!

Just one word about your pictures.... A big WAUW!!! I really like them :) :)
Keep up doing your thing.

Greetings from Belgium.

Most of your work involves time exposure and momochrome. I like the ones with people in them.
BTW are you a psychiatrist and used to work at Rutgers Med School?
I saw the photographs talk for the first time from your works. The monochrome images that were concentrated on people did depict the feelings and emotions they had so intensely. Now, I get that why people goes for monochrome when it comes to these segment.

beautiful images
Mike W(non-registered)
Really enjoyed viewing the pictures. Very impressive.
Don L. Holt(non-registered)
Impressive Jay!
Amy Glick Garelick(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos, Jay! I love the vibrant colors contrasted against the gray of the city.
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